We promise you Organic Creativity. Because the best things come straight from the source.
Some of our products may be a little wacky, others may be the next big hit. But what doesn’t change is that you’re getting unfiltered creations.

We call it Organic Creativity.
Our approach is also better for the planet. Here's why:
Most companies rely on global supply chains and hundreds of 3rd parties for their products to arrive at your door.

With so many middlemen, this approach cannot guarantee sustainable practices.

For us, products go from Riddia's house to your house with nothing in between.
Less waste. Less dependencies
No transpacific cargo ships, no factories. We're like farm-to-table.
Aligned incentives
We hire North American assembly teams and treat them right.
No overproduction
We launch our products in small batches and grow organically.
About Us
Our company designs, develops, and makes all of its products in-house. We aim to localize manufacturing and detangle the dependency on global supply chains.


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