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wrinkle-free clothes
anytime, anywhere
wrinkle-free clothes anytime, anywhere
riddiaPress | $39.99
Cordless mini travel iron
Optimized for cotton/polyester blends.
Auto adjusts for smooth control.
Time-saving tech quick heats in 60
seconds and shuts off when left alone.
Charges fully in less than 2 hours.
Enjoy crisp clothes whenever you need.
seamless technology
for seamless clothing.
RiddiaPress's patented heating tech automatically adjusts to your garment’s fabric. All of this while fitting in a carry-on so that you’re always looking your best.
what others are saying
Small, compact, charges quickly and comes in handy for that final crispness to my look.
Lilly Price
El Paso, TX
I can pack it in my bag, so I'll
never have to worry about
wrinkly clothes ever again!
Henry James
Peoria, AZ
riddiapress is a busy
professional's best friend!
Donna Brennan
Flat Rock, NC
I live in an apartment so this
is the perfect option to save
space and it's affordable.
Gayle Myers
Orchard Park, NY
a note from the riddia team, straight from the heart.
We're a small team of inventors bringing fresh takes on age-old products that are due for a glow up. We design and make all our products ourselves. Join the fun!
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Our company designs, develops, and makes all of its products in-house. We aim to localize manufacturing and detangle the dependency on global supply chains.


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