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We create one-of-a-kind products that make a splash in the sea of sameness.
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assembled by Riddia in North America.
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Featured Product
The world's only rechargeable
pocket-sized iron.
Irons have been bulky & slow for centuries. And don’t even get us started on travel steamers – most end up as a wet mess.

Meet the easiest way to always have pressed shirts. Designed to heat up as
fast as physics allows.
Designed for your peace of mind
Quick heats in 60 seconds and auto turns off when left alone.
Rechargeable and cordless
Charges in less than 2 hours. Enjoy crisp clothes whenever you need.
Works with a variety of fabrics
Optimized temperature for cotton and polyester blends.
Manufacturing Mission
Our company designs, develops, and fabricates all of its products in-house. We aim to localize manufacturing and detangle the dependency on global supply chains.

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